May 4, 2015

Mom Monday {A day at the ENC}

Thanks to our very own Jane aka production princess, we visited the Environmental Nature Center over the weekend. They were having their semi-annual fair and we had a blast! From great food and coffee booths, to arts & crafts and nature walks and some really cool animals, it was a fun filled day. One of the highlights of our day was meeting this guy. Yes that is a wolf!! So cool. We saw all sorts of animals like owls & snakes. And we...READ MORE

March 2, 2015

Mom Monday {reading 3 fun ways}

I took Piper to a bookstore to hang out for the first time. This has always been one of my favorite activities since I was a child. I browse the aisles, gather a pile of books, seek out a private corner and devour all the books. I do the same thing at the library. Piper just loved doing this with me, which was so much fun! It's a great way to encourage reading with your kids. Another fun way to read is to take a book with you and read at a park. What ways...READ MORE

July 22, 2013

Mom Monday {5 things to do with your kids this summer}

As August swiftly approaches I am reminded of all the things I still want to do with Piper before summer ends. Here are my top picks. 1. See a movie in the park. Many communities offer family movie nights at the park. I have always wanted to do this, so it is now officially on my list. 2. Go camping in the backyard. 3. Make homemade fruit and yogurt popsicles together and then eat them outside. 4. Visit a local farm 5. Do one of the crafts from...READ MORE