Art for Good

I am so excited to be sharing this gorgeous work from our friends at Clark Studios. Not only are they graphic design genius’s but their fine art is to die for! Justin was kind enough to share some insight into the inspiration for his work.

These paintings were actually created for the Art Benefit that Clark Studios hosted. The paintings were auctioned at a silent auction, and they were able to raise $20,000 for the students at Northrise University! If that isn’t an inspiration I don’t know what is!

The inspiration for these pieces was “Northrise University; Africa and it’s content: orphanages, children, animals, texture, landscape, water towers, trains, industry.”  Justin used vintage national geographics, printed graphics, acrylic paint and resin coating to create these gorgeous mixed media pieces of art. 

Northrise University, located in Zambia, “gives students from all walks of life, the tools and knowledge they need to professionally practice in an ever-changing global marketplace”. Justin was lucky enough to visit the university shortly after his successful art benefit. He spoke of what an amazing experience it was “to see the fruits of our labor in the lives of the university students”.

During his trip to Zambia, he took a ton of photographs that have now inspired his next series. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next! Stay tuned!