Picnic Inspired {part two}

As promised here are some more picnic inspired ideas…


I absolutely adore this “Love Shoot” that was styled and by adorable Jen of Green Wedding Shoes. Oh and the couple happens to be Jen and her husband, as they celebrate one year of marriage! Congratulations Jen. It’s such a fun thing to have these stylized shoots even if you are already married and Jen shows just how to do that. The gorgeous photos are shot by Caroline Tran.


Lastly, this one may just take the cake…a picnic proposal!? Seriously! I can’t get enough of it. To top it off it was styled by the amazingly talented Jesi Haack! I just love the surprise, of it all and how perfectly Aaron Shintaku captures it all. All of this picnic talk is making me crave spring time now! Let me know how you guys might use picnics in your weddings, events etc. What about a picnic bridal shower? Love this idea!

  • Shannon

    A picnic for a “family” baby shower would be fun! Your friends that already have small children could bring them along for outdoor fun.

  • I’m actually having a picnic themed wedding! We’re super excited. Thanks so much for sharing these photos….I love gathering inspiration, and some of these are sooo perfect!

  • Thanks girls for posting our picnic proposal!!! I am loving this series!

  • I got a picnic proposal 🙂 It was a beautiful day, and just perfect. I’ll never forget it. I want to carry the theme through and have a garden wedding, I just worry about the weather behaving.

  • Thanks for posting our one year anniversary love shoot! It was so fun to put together and we just love how it turned out – lots of credit of course to the talented Caroline Tran 🙂

    I love the picnic proposal also! Picnics never go out of style 🙂